First notes

The Project

Concerts for Babies (Concertos para Bebés) are, above all, concerts. The babies are invited to listen. It’s the musical fruition shared by interpreters and babies, parents and siblings, grand-parents and friends that consolidates the whole project. The matrix of the concerts is the so-called classical music, but they have developed in a lineup filled with traditional songs, from pop-rock, and vocal-instrumental improvisations with the participation of everybody in the audience.
Each concert is an experiment of complicity where the sounds and the silences amaze just everyone. From Monteverdi to Mozart, from the small portuguese guitar to the didgeridoo, astonishment is exchanged and sighs are heard. The high experience of the musicians floods the room with strong moments and the chanting stimulates the delight. With children-loving interpreters, time flies and the concert is quickly over.
  • Concerts for Babies perform their 900th Concert!
    900 Concerts!


    900 Concerts!

  • One of the 15 projects selected at YEAH! Young EARopean Award by an international Jury among 136 projects and over 20 European countries.
    International  acknowledgment


    International acknowledgment

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Technical Rider

  • Duration

    45 minutes

  • Audience

    Babies from 0 to 5 years of age, with an average of 3 accompanying each baby (babies maximum 70/280 people per concert).

  • Room

    Stage or large room with a minimum area of ​​168 m2 (12mx14m) and minimum height of 7m.

  • Light

    Minimum 5 projectors with 36 sticks: 12 Cut 23 º / 50 º, 1 KW; 4 Cut 12 º / 28 º with Iris, 1 KW, 20 KW PC 2.

  • Assembly time

    1h 35 minutes

  • Time dismantling

    50 minutes